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There is nothing more frustrating for a grower than not having repeatable effects. With SpinnerXP™, you can trust what you grow because you can count on how you grow. From top to bottom, your plant will be the same. From harvest to harvest, the variables are in your control. SpinnerXP™ holds up to twelve different plants and can be stacked. Each module easily fits into a room with 8-foot-ceilings.

Duct as many units as you like to customize airflow, irrigation, or strains

  • Avoid market saturation

  • Lowest cost for pounds per grow

  • Protect your margins


Remove wasted production, resources, and hours

  • Grow within 18 inches of the light source

  • Use any lighting you want (including the hottest light on the market)

  • Guarantee that the plant will not burn 


Improve consistency

  • Automated, slow spinning of each pod ensures that every part of the plant will receive equal light distribution

  • Zero canopy effect; equal growth from top to bottom

  • Total environmental control over each individual unit

Take a look inside the SpinnerXP modular grow unit's grow chamber. This hydroponic growing system is perfect for commercial growers and residential growers alike.


Spinner modular growing chambers ensure fewer hands touch the plant, which is important for commercial growers.

Fewer hands on the plant

Many commercial growers are operating inefficiently. The SpinnerXP™ lets growers make full use of their warehouse space while being most efficient with energy consumption during the cultivation process. 

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