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Spinner Anatomy



The design features individual plant chambers arranged in a circle around a centrally mounted, vertically oriented, high-intensity light source. Each plant site features a patented polypropylene basket.


Each basket rotates slowly ensuring that all sides of the plants are exposed to the light source. Plants are accessible for maintenance from all sides. An automated or manual water and nutrient delivery system and variable flow ventilation system with separate intake and exhaust fans makes the SpinnerXP™ the most efficient and fuss-free system on the market today.


It really is that simple. No fuss, no muss, no soil – an innovative hydroponic design that utilizes a unique lighting design, measured nutrients, air circulation and water delivery. All automated for your convenience.


  • Dimensions: Single unit height of 49 in.

  • Approximate Footprint: 16 sq. ft.

  • Outside Diameter: 46 in.

  • Chamber Volume: 25 cubic ft.

  • Chamber Height: 27 in.

  • Max Trough Capacity: 36 liters

  • Chamber Air: 375 cfm.


  • Stackable 4x4 design for up to three high

  • Requires less than 150 sq. ft. of space

  • Operates on 4k watts for optimal energy efficiency

  • Ergonomic design for 360 degree accessibility

  • Customize your grow with accessories such as: closed loop CO₂, HVAC, dehumidifiers, external filtration, video monitoring, and grow cages

  • Wheelchair accessible



  • On average, 6-8 week harvest from clone to flower 

  • 100% controlled micro climate

  • Customizable grow options 

  • Simple, energy efficient indoor growing

  • Stackable, space saving 4x4 design

  • Fewer hands on the plant

  • Decreased overhead for commercial growers

  • Universal lighting options

  • Grow within 18 inches of the light source

  • Eliminate plant burn

  • Improved odor control

  • Patented dual air zone



Q: What can I use in my SpinnerXP™?

A: Our proprietary universal design allows you to choose your preferred light source among:

  • CMH

  • MH

  • HPS

  • Single-ended

  • Double-ended

  • LED


Each plant site features a patented polypropylene basket that allows you to fill with a growing medium of your choice.


There are 3 types of grow medium - soil, soilless, and hydroponic.

  • Soil is simply dirt.

  • Soilless options include peat, sphagnum moss, coco coir, vermiculite rock wool

  • Hydroponic growing options include Rockwool, HEC (hardened expanded clay), and Perlite


Q: What comes with a base unit? 

A: Your base unit includes the SpinnerXP™ pod itself. Everything else such as the lighting, irrigation, grow medium, filter, duct, etc is optional. Make your SpinnerXP™ set up as simple or sophisticated as you like.


Q: How long does it take to build a SpinnerXP™?

A: Everyone is different, so this is a tricky one to answer. However, we can confidently say that in our experience, it takes two people with no prior experience or knowledge, about an hour and a half to assemble.


Q: How do I order?

A: Click here and submit some information. We’ll be in touch with when your unit will be shipped.

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