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Introducin SpinnerXP Modular Grow System

Be the first to get a SpinnerXP™ and get your grow ahead of the curve.

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The SpinnerXP is the modular growing unit for the simplified growing experience. It substantially reduces overhead and consumption while increasing yields. Take your pick of growing mediums from soil, rock wool, cocoa, soilless mix, or hydroton. Customize your grow with accessories such as: closed loop CO₂, HVAC, dehumidifiers, external filtration, video monitoring, and grow cages. If you do what everyone else is doing, you’ll never get ahead. Don’t just be a cultivator; raise the standard.



Within the SpinnerXP, the twelve chambers for plants are set at optimal, equidistance from the central light source. Each chamber spins to ensure plant consistency each and every harvest. The patented dual air zone design allows for complete climate control and monitoring. Maximize your grow and eliminate burning.


The modular, universal design of the SpinnerXP™ allows for easy bulb change and maintenance. The SpinnerXP™ is compatible with any CMH, MH, HPS single ended (SE) bulbs or double-ended (DE) light bulb. The Cool Tube allows high wattage HPS lighting systems, protects the plants from thermal damage, and isolates light BTUs from the plant zone.


Select your preferred irrigation system including ebb and flow, deep water, nutrient film technique, drip systems, undercurrent, and spray-aeroponic.

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