Base Unit does not include lighting.


The design features twelve individual plant chambers arranged in a circle around a centrally mounted, vertically oriented, high-intensity light source. Each plant site features a patented polypropylene basket.


Each basket rotates slowly 180 degrees to the right then the left to prevent root tangle. Rotation around the central light source ensures that all plants are have equal exposure to the light. Plants are accessible for maintenance from all sides. An automated or manual water and nutrient delivery system and variable flow ventilation system with separate intake and exhaust fans makes the SpinnerXP™ the most efficient and fuss-free system on the market today.


The SpinnerXP™ is the innovative, patented hydroponic design that is made for growers by a grower. The unique lighting design prevents a canopy effect and ensures equal light distribution. The slow spinning stresses the plant to grow horizontally to the light at and fully develop at approximately 29 inches tall. Enjoy higher annual yields with more consistency for less work than a traditional grow.



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