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Meet the Team


Mike Cyplik


Denis, Engineer for Spinner Grow

A life-long entrepreneur, Mike “Cyp” Cyplik became intimately involved with urban agriculture and cultivation. In 2009, he spearheaded the Michigan State Fair Agriculture Demo, a functional garden on an urban ¾ acre yielding 3,000 pounds of fresh produce which showcased cutting edge urban agricultural techniques. At that time, Cyp also co-founded Michigan's first hydroponic wheatgrass and sprout company.

As the owner of a retail hydro store, Cyp extended his passion for unique growing methods. Recognizing that quality growing required consistency and nurturing, Cyp connected with others who were driven to use technology to supercharge cultivation.

Seeking to maximize cultivation for growers of all expertise, Cyp partnered with engineers and Detroit-based manufacturing experts in 2015 to develop what is today the patented technology of the SpinnerXP™.

After years of trial and error, the SpinnerXP™ is revolutionizing the indoor grow industry for both commercial and residential growers alike. SpinnerXP’s modular growing units and unique, patent-pending technology produces more consistent yields, faster.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, “Cyp,” is also known throughout Detroit as a former radio personality for his “Home Grown Report” show on AM 1310.



Denis, Engineer for Spinner Grow

After owning his own architectural firm for a number of years, in 2000, Denis returned to University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada to obtain his engineering degree. There he met others who were using their engineering backgrounds to improve agricultural outcomes.


Driven by the challenge of creating self-sustaining cultivation pods, Denis began experimenting with ways to maximize energy and mass in 2008. In the early stages, the result was a self-sustaining hydroponic system. The product was patented and widely received including winning the High Times Gear of the Year award, but due primarily to energy inefficiencies and complicated manufacturing, it did not scale well.

Never one to pass up a challenge, Denis continued his quest to develop a product that could be manufactured, at scale, by mechanics overcoming physics; the result is the SpinnerXP™.

Using a completely redesigned and patent-pending “spinning” mechanism, the SpinnerXP™ is designed to deliver cultivators with a clean, efficient technology that provides superior outcomes.


A patent-holder on multiple designs, and in keeping to his passion for testing and tinkering, Denis also made sure the SpinnerXP™ could be modified and “hot-rodded” with modular enhancements so each SpinnerXP™ grow is truly distinctive, boutique yet repeatable by the grower.

Jen Koss

Media Director

Jen bio.png

Jen Koss is on a mission to build an empire and leave a legacy. This innovative, accomplished woman is the founder and president of the philanthropic and successful network of Metro Detroit women called NO GOOD GIRLS ALLOWED DETROIT, with over one thousand active members.


As a visionary business woman, Jen understands that GROW LIKE A GIRL is a necessary component to the expanding cannabis industry. She believes SpinnerGrow is the only system that can grow a consistent, potent product that is more efficient than traditional ways of growing cannabis.

She used her degree in marketing and business right out of college to open a successful tattoo shop in Oakland county called LOVE SICK TATTOO PARLOR. Currently, the owner of a well-respected record label, HELL CITY DETROIT.

With her passion for success and powerful network, she plans on taking this new venture as an official vendor for SpinnerGrow through the glass ceiling!

Kathy S. McGuire


Kathy S. McGuire, Vendor for SpinnerXPs

Kathy is an award-winning Sustainable Development Professional (ISSP-SA), LEED Green Associate, and Climate Reality Leader with 15 years of progressive experience and a proven track record of implementing sustainability projects. Recognized as an industry leader in meeting the highest standards and being among the first in the nation to achieve sustainable business certifications for her clients, she is a trusted source of knowledge on established practices and cutting-edge trends that benefit organizations and the community.

Health and wellness is a significant part of sustainability for both individuals and the business community. Kathy is involved in many aspects of this trend and signed on to become an authorized dealer for the Spinner grow system to facilitate access to the healing qualities of cannabis to consumers.

Additionally, Kathy will facilitate implementation of two international standards for Spinner Grow - the ISO9001-Quality Management System and ISO-14001 Environmental Management System. This will ensure policies and procedures are in place for the highest quality product for customer satisfaction, and the most environmentally conscious manufacturing process. These two standards will be audited by a third-party accredited certification body.


Kathy is on the board of directors of Plan for a Better Environment (Plan BE). Membership organizations include the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, Climate Reality Project, and the Sustainable Event Alliance.

John Carlos


John Carlos, Vendor for SpinnerXPs

Considered one of the most “connected” individuals in the region and the original Benefactor of Synergies, Founder and Partner of, John Carlos is also currently Founder and Executive Director of Facility Engineering, a firm that brokers relationships between contractors and facilities for ultimate reduction of consumption, sustainability, and renovating maintenance. John is also an active liaison for financial investments and aiding businesses in non-traditional and traditional opportunities for growth and expansion.

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